Jennifer Sturm, Special Education Director:

Mary Milham, Supervisor:

Diane Beard, Bookkeeper:

Kay Fisher, PEIMS/Record Clerk:

Wanda Gray, Education Secretary:

Andrea Holland, Educational Diagnostician:

Cathy Clark, Educational Diagnostician:

Chris Johnson, Educational Diagnostician:

Cindi Emerine, Educational Diagnostician:

Pam Bostick, Educational Diagnostician:

Shelly Nunley, Educational Diagnostician:

Kourtney Cooper, LPC:

Michelle Lowder, LSSP:

Johnathon Thomas, LSSP:

Stacie Morris, LSSP:

Kylie Sorrell, LPC:

Jessica Taylor, Speech Therapy Assistant:

Alicia Cook, Speech Therapist:

Neal Sutton, Speech Therapist:

Nicole Oliver, Speech Therapy Assistant:

Tiffany Bell, Speech Therapist:

Kathi Huffman, VAC Teacher:

Stacey Garner, Vision Teacher:

Susan Kemp, Occupational Therapist:

Ann Huffstetter, Physical Therapy Assistant:

Kristi Grimsley, Physical Therapist:

Mandy Britton, Physical Therapist:

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